The Collectif A.U. wants to remove barriers

A unique mobilization to ensure universal accessibility and participation for all.

Montreal, June 7th, 2021 – The Collectif Accessibilité Universelle (Collectif A.U.) is proud to present a unique and unifying collaborative project carried out by 30 organizations that are joining forces to promote universal accessibility throughout Greater Montreal. On the eve of the next municipal elections, the Collectif A.U. wishes to raise awareness of universal accessibility among candidates and the population of Greater Montreal by promoting five measures to be implemented in municipalities. The Collectif A.U. is also launching its Declaration for Universally Accessible Municipalities and encourages the population to sign it, in order to allow all people, regardless of their abilities, to benefit from the same opportunities and a quality experience, independently.

Five concrete steps to ensure change

In order to encourage the participation of all, the Collectif A.U. is asking that the cities of Greater Montreal commit to making an additional effort. To do so, the multiple organizations mobilized carry a strong message:

“In 2021, universal accessibility is essential. We may not all have limitations, but we all have the same rights. Together, let’s choose to remove the barriers. ”

To make change happen, the Collectif A.U. is presenting five concrete measures designed to ensure universal accessibility and participation for all:

  • Adopting a municipal universal accessibility policy (if not already in place);
  • Appointing an elected official responsible for universal accessibility in each decision-making body of the municipality (city council and borough councils);
  • Appointing a person responsible for universal accessibility within the municipal administration and ensuring the development of their skills by giving them the resources (human and financial) necessary to carry out their mandate.
  • Developing a mechanism to involve and consult with people with disabilities in the city’s consultative processes.
  • Having the information necessary to support informed decision-making on universal accessibility: gathering needs, identifying barriers and producing data, keeping an up-to-date picture and identifying innovative and sustainable solutions.

Contributing to change

To show its support for this unique mobilization and to make the issue a priority in the next municipal elections, the Collectif A.U. invites the general public to read the Declaration for Universally Accessible Municipalities. By signing, those who wish to become more involved recognize the essential nature of the steps taken by the 30 organizations that are working together to ensure the participation and rights of all.

The Collectif A.U. is also asking for the public’s help and inviting people to share the visuals of the mobilization to give the issue greater visibility. Throughout the fall municipal election campaign, it will be possible to follow the Collectif A.U., particularly on social media, to learn more about the actions taken by its members.


“More than 33% of Quebecers aged 15 and over have difficulty carrying out certain daily activities due to a functional limitation. The cities that make up Greater Montreal must make an extra effort to ensure that all infrastructures, activities and services are accessible. Municipalities must commit to taking action on this critical issue during the next election campaign. We would like to thank the 30 organizations that have chosen to get involved in the Collectif A.U. to ensure that the rights of all people are respected and that they participate. Thanks to your involvement, we are ensuring that the general public is more aware of this issue, and ultimately, we are closer than ever to removing the barriers. “Elsa Lavigne, General Director of AlterGo

About the Collectif A.U.

The Collectif Accessibilité Universelle (Collectif A.U.) is a collaborative project bringing together more than 30 organizations to promote universal accessibility throughout Greater Montreal. To learn more about Collectif A.U., visit or check out the Facebook page.

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