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Universal accessibility

What is universal accessibility?

Universal accessibility is defined as the character of a product, process, service, information or environment that, with equity and inclusiveness in mind, enables any person to perform activities independently and achieve equivalent results.

Universal accessibility, is when a product, a service, information or an environment is good for everyone.

Universal accessibility allows everyone to to do the same activities without assistance.

Universal accessibility allows everyone to be to be included.

For example:

  • A person in a wheelchair can enter easily through an entrance without stairs with a door that opens by itself.
  • A person with an intellectual disability can read simplified text
  • Employees are trained to provide good service to people with a disorder on the autism spectrum.


There are 4 types of universal accessibility

1 Universal accessibility in places

Universal accessibility in places, is accessibility in buildings, but also outside.

For example, in a park, the benches and paths are accessible.

There are mandatory accessibility rules, but it’s not enough.

We need to work harder to create places that are good for everyone.

2 Universal accessibility programs, services and jobs

When programs, services and jobs are accessible, everyone can participate.

3 Universal accessibility of communications

Everyone has the right to have information.

Everyone has the right to understand information.

Everyone has the right to have accessible information.

For example, information can be simplified, in audio format, in Braille or in large print.

Information must be accessible on television, in documents and on social media.

4 Universal accessibility training

Service employees need to be trained to be more aware of the reality of people with limitations.

Service employees who are well-trained can provide accessible services.

People with disabilities can have a positive experience.

Well-trained service employees can also have a positive.

It is true

When you build without barriers, when you train employees, when we provide accessible activities and communications, we help everyone.


About us

What is the Collectif A.U.?

The Collectif A.U., is the Collectif Accessibilité Universelle.

The Collectif A.U., is several organizations who work together.

The Collectif A.U. wants to make universal accessibility everywhere in Montreal and the surrounding area.

The Collectif A.U. explains why universal accessibility is important.

In the next municipal elections the Collectif A.U. will ask politicians to to take action for universal accessibility.

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Our dream

Our dream is to move forward together to achieve universal accessibility.

We dream of ensuring respect for the rights of all citizens.


Our Vision 

To make universal accessibility  a reality and to ensure the rights of all citizens are respected.


Our mission

We work as a team to find new ideas  to improve universal accessibility.


Our values

  • Commitment
  • Solidarity
  • Respect
  • Open-mindedness
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity


Our history


2010 – The project LIENS begins

The project LIENS was created by 3 Montreal-based organizations:

  • AlterGo
  • the Comité régional des associations pour la déficience intellectuelle, le CRADI
  • the Regroupement des organismes de promotion du Montréal métropolitain, le ROPMM. 

CRADI is now called the Comité régional pour l’autisme et la déficience intellectuelle. The ROPMM is now called DéPhy Montréal.

The project LIENS helped people with limitations  to speak up.

The project LIENS helped people to participate at public meetings of the City and the boroughs.

Project LIENS helped to create a group of advocates able to speak out about the reality of people with disabilities.

The spokespersons made known the important need to achieve universal accessibility in Montreal.

The project LIENS lasted 3 years.


2013 – The beginning of the Collectif A.U.

In 2013, the Collective A.U. was created.

The Collective A.U. gave trainings to organizations.

The Collectif A.U. helped organizations do more universal accessibility in Montreal.

The Collective A.U. helped organizations request more universal accessibility in Montreal.


2015 – First AU360 Day

The Collective A.U. organized the AU360 Day

There were 130 people interested in making leisure more accessible.

The 130 people identified urgent actions to be done in Montreal for the 4 kinds of universal accessibility:

1. Universal accessibility in places

2. Universal accessibility of programs, services and employment

3. Universal accessibility of communications

4.Training in universal accessibility


2016 — Second AU360 Day

In February 2016, Formation AlterGo organized the AU360 Day with the help of Centraide of Greater Montreal.

There were over 100 people interested in making leisure more accessible.

People spoke of actions carried out for universal accessibility in Montreal.

People spoke of  other urgent actions to be carried out for universal accessibility.


Février 2019 — GO
Pour un Grand Montréal accessible

GO was a great meeting on universal accessibility in Montreal.

183 people of 120 Montreal organizations came together.

People spoke of universal accessibility in sport, leisure and culture.

People have spoke of the most important actions to be achieved for universal accessibility in Montreal.

This great meeting served to make known even more universal accessibility.


February 2020 – New objectives

The Collectif A.U. has new objectives.

The Collectif A.U. wants to explain to the population of Montreal what it is, universal accessibility.

The Collectif A.U. wants to explain to the population of Montreal why universal accessibility is important.

The Collectif A.U. wants to express the needs in universal accessibility for the 2021 municipal elections.


October 2020 – Collectif A.U.’s position

For the 2021 municipal elections

The Collectif A.U. wants to implement many ideas to get the word out about universal accessibility in the 2021 municipal elections.

The organizations of the Collectif A.U. want to organize public speaking engagements so that everyone hears about universal accessibility.



  • 1 in 3 Quebecers  aged 15 and over have difficulty performing certain everyday activities because of a temporary permanent limitation.
  • Universal accessibility  allows everyone to participate.
  • Universal accessibility  helps everyone  to perform activities without assistance.


For universal accessibility in our cities

I believe that in 2021, universal accessibility is essential.

I believe that everyone can have limitations.

I believe that everyone has the same rights.

I believe that we need to work together to remove barriers.

I believe that citizens with limitations face many barriers.

Barriers prevent people  from exercising their rights.

The barriers are even more  worse with COVID-19.

I believe that cities have the power to improve the quality of life of citizens.

I believe that cities have the have the power to make universal accessibility in all their projects.

Municipal elections will be held in November 2021.

I believe that every city has to make more of an effort because everyone has the right to participate.

For example:

  • Have a plan to make the city accessible.
  • Appointing elected officials responsible for universal accessibility.
  • Forming a team of city employees responsible for universal accessibility.
  • Involving people with disabilities in city consultations.
  • Being well informed to make good decisions for universal accessibility.
  • Understand the needs of people with disabilities and see the barriers to finding new solutions
  • solutions for a long time.